Happy Halloween Witches!

This Halloween Stephen and I decided to dress up as “Netflix and Chill”.


I think our costumes came out great! They were fairly easy to make. For the Netflix shirt I bought a red t-shirt from Michaels and some iron on transfer paper. I followed the directions on the transfer paper and printed out the Netflix logo with the transparent background, then ironed on the logo – super easy! For my, Chill, dress I bought a 2xl white t-shirt also from Michaels and I cut the sleeves off. Then I completed the same iron on process for the “chill” logo and placed it lower on the shirt. I put the shirt on and folded the collar down once and then pulled a little at the back of the thick tank straps, then pinned to create a halter look. For the headband, I purchased white glitter foam paper from Michaels and cut out snowflakes, leaving extra foam at the bottom to attach to the headband. Then, I took a plain white headband and wrapped white lace ribbon around, sealing it with hot glue. I took the adhesive backing off of the snowflakes and used E-6000 glue to attached the extra foam to the headband. It took awhile to stick, but after letting it sit for awhile the snowflakes wouldn’t budge. And well ah! We had costumes!

We got so into our characters that we even fell asleep watching Netflix before we went out – so we got all dressed up to “Netflix and Chill”. Sounds like a great time to me! Lol! I hope everyone had an amazing/safe/fun Halloween and Halloweekend!


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